Children in families with alcohol and drug problems

Children in families with drug and alcohol problems

Children living in families with problem alcohol or drug use can be at risk of harm. We work with families where there is a problem to help keep children, young people and unborn babies safe.

We encourage parents to get the help they need. There are lots of treatment and rehabilitation services

We make sure that children whose parents or guardians attend drug or alcohol services are protected from harm. and their needs are met.

Contact Social Care Direct if you are worried about a child or young person’s safety or wellbeing. 

Call 999 in an emergency. Call the police on 101 if it’s not urgent.

Pregnant women with substance abuse problems

PrePare helps pregnant women with substance use problems. It offers support before, during and after the baby's birth.

How we work with families

The Children Affected by Parental Substance Misuse (CAPSM) guide for staff and agencies sets out how we can best work together, and with parents, to help reduce risks to children. Download these guidelines below. They apply to everyone in Edinburgh and the Lothians who works with

  • children and families
  • alcohol and drug users.

Parents may find the guide useful. It shows how agencies work together to help the family.

Visit Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Partnership to find out how it helps people with substance use problems.

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