Water quality assessment

We provide a water quality assessment services for a wide variety of water types. Chemical and microbiological testing is carried out according to national accreditation standards.

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We can assess your compliance with legislative requirements relating to

  • drinking water from public and private supplies
  • complaints about water quality  - appearance, colour and taste
  • bottled water, spring water and natural mineral water - monitoring composition and purity and for certification
  • swimming pool water - checking quality and bather safety
  • seawater, river water and lochs - checking quality and for the presence of pollution
  • air conditioning systems, showers and water tanks - ensuring adequate disinfection and monitoring for legionella bacteria
  • water supply systems -  detection and enumeration of Legionella.

Edinburgh Scientific services is accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025 and DWTS standards for the analysis of water.

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