Mortonhall Cemetery Baby Rose Garden improvements

We are working with families and partners to improve and enhance the Rose Garden at Mortonhall. The first lairs have been laid with plum slate and granite number plaques with a coloured rose motif (to link with the previous roses the area is named after) have been placed in position.

Family feedback from this first area of work was predominately positive. Therefore, we have now laid out further sections of the Rose Garden in the same style. Two tier flower planters have been placed on selected areas have been planted up with winter bedding plants. We have ensured they are not placed on any burial lairs.

Broken items, surrounds larger than 18” x 30” which were encroaching on other lairs have been removed. Other items such as white chippings, small pebbles and perished cloth type cuddly toys have also been removed from the lairs. All items have been carefully labelled and are in safe storage for any families that wish to collect them. Please call or email to discuss any concerns that you may have or to arrange collection.

Families if they wish can order at cost a variety of granite plaques for their babies which will be placed on your baby’s lair in the Rose Garden. We are happy to meet with any families to discuss the improvements or the choices of plaques available.

Kind volunteers are now setting up a Friends group for the Mortonhall Cemetery Baby Rose Garden. Further details can be found on Facebook .


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