Supporting businesses

Covid-19 impact and recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the city. Businesses have been hard hit and footfall has significantly fallen.

While it remains difficult to predict the medium to longer term impacts of the pandemic, there is an opportunity to re-energise the city and support the city’s economic recovery. 

Among the issues highlighted by the pandemic are the need for well-designed public realm and active travel routes that people can safely use for exercise and recreation.

This route will deliver improved facilities for walking, wheeling an cycling, improving access to and across the city centre.

CCWEL route from Roseburn to Picardy Place

Proposed route of city centre west to east link from Roseburn to Picardy Place

The Charlotte Square to St Andrew Square section is part of the George Street and First New Town project, and links to the planned Meadows to George Street active travel route at Hanover Street.

The project will also create a significant number of construction jobs, in turn creating opportunities for suppliers and for local businesses who will benefit from custom from people working on the project. As with all major Council construction contracts, there will be community benefits such as apprenticeships and training opportunities.

Supporting businesses and residents through construction

The construction programme is planned to start in January 2022 and will be done in sections. We will draw on lessons learned from other similar infrastructure projects to minimise disruption during what we recognise will be a challenging period. We will continue to work with businesses and residents as we plan for construction, making sure we take your views into account in the final construction management plan.

Young woman pushing bicycle along pavementWe aim to maintain the vibrancy and accessibility of the affected shopping streets during construction. We'll work with local businesses to develop a package of campaign support which could include:

  • social media and online advertising
  • lamppost wraps and signs on key approaches
  • banners on works site barriers
  • advertising and editorial in community magazines
  • leaflets and fliers.