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Our progress so far - Autumn 2020

From Newhaven to London Road, this film gives a birds-eye view of the project.

As our works progress on the Trams to Newhaven project we have created this short video showing the new tram route from the sky. The film highlights the progress of construction since the commencement of works back in November 2019.

The footage was taken with the use of a drone. Flying from Newhaven to London Road, the video shows key areas of the project, including archaeological work at South Leith Parish Church and our Logistic Hubs provisions. These hubs have received incredible feedback from the residents and businesses of Leith – highlighting the great work of the officers who run them. The video also outlines approximate locations of future tram stops for the new public transport line, which when operational in 2023, will link to the current track from Edinburgh Airport to York Place.

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Published: 19th October 2020