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Foot of the Walk - Manderston Street: traffic management and site setup changes December 2022

Site and traffic management changes will take place between the Foot of the Walk and Manderston Street to progress project works. These are expected to be introduced over the weekend of 3/4 December.

Under these arrangements:

  1. Manderston Street open to two-way traffic.  
  2. Traffic movements between Great Junction Street and Duke Street heading both ways will remain under two-way traffic management.
  3. Temporary pedestrian crossing points on Great Junction Street and Duke Street will remain in place, however, will move throughout the phasing of these works to accommodate associated works.
  4. Any alternative diversions will be in place which will be signposted. 
  5. Site arrangements will move from the east side of Leith Walk to the west side of Leith Walk, between Crown Place to Jane Street.
  6. Pedestrian access to properties will always remain in place.

View the traffic management plans (PDF)

Please note that logistics provision to support businesses will remain operational but will be relocated between Crown Place and Crown Street to help with deliveries and dispatches. Help will also be at hand for residents expecting large deliveries such as appliances or furniture.

Please get in contact with our teams should you have any specific requirements.


Published: 25th November 2022