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Elder to Annandale Street: Out of Hours working and Traffic management changes

In order to facilitate system infrastructure works we are required to work out with the project's standard working hours, between 8pm and 5am from Monday 21 to Saturday 26 November 2022.

To accommodate these works, we are required to close the westbound carriageway between Broughton Junction and Elder Street at York Place for five nights from Monday 21 November 2022 between 8pm and 5am. Advanced warning signs will be put up, with appropriate diversion routes in place. 

Also, the carriageway between North St Andrews Street to York Place / Broughton Street junction will reduce to one lane of traffic with parking restrictions in place to accommodate these works.

Furthermore, from Monday 21 November to Saturday 26 November 2022 we are required to work out with the project standard working hours between Annandale Street and York Place / Broughton Street Junction between 8pm and 5am. We anticipate noisy works between 8pm to 11pm, with less-intrusive works continuing throughout the evening to 5am.

To accommodate these works there will be changes to the traffic management in the area. Further updates to follow.

Published: 17th November 2022