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Small Business Spotlight: Rimmers Music

Rimmers Music

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Tell us a bit about your business?

Rimmers Music is a long-established music retail business, originating in Lancashire, England in the 1970s. We have been in Edinburgh since 2017, residing in the former Keyplayer music store at 14 Elm Row. Some of your more mature readers may remember Keyplayer being formerly known as Edinburgh Organ Studios.

As a Rimmers Music Boutique Store, we specialise in new and used Digital and Acoustic pianos, keyboards and tuition. Although the store isn’t huge, concentrating on one type of instrument ensures that we have a great selection of instruments, also our staff are highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the products.

We have a very strong online presence, too. This turns the shop something much bigger with the ability to supply 10,000’s of different items, most with next day delivery.

What makes your business unique?

It’s all about the people!!! We’ve had more than one occasion when a customer has come into the store for the first time, maybe quite nervously, and gone out a while later saying that they’ve had a great time, want to quit their job and come and work for us! We have a passion for passing on our knowledge and enthusiasm. People play music for fun, so why shouldn’t buying one be fun, too?

Our store manager Pete, as well as being a very accomplished musician in his own right, has vast experience of retail and hospitality. This shows in his ability to put people at ease and passing on information about the products. His organisational skills are excellent, too. Musically he has performed and worked with some of the very best in the business and he ensures that each customer gets the benefit of this experience, whether they are a seasoned pro or just getting started.

On occasional days, you may also see Richard. Richard is a Yamaha Brand Ambassador, which means that he works very closely with Yamaha in Europe and Japan. He has been involved with the research and development of many of Yamaha’s top products for the last 20+ years. He is probably the only person in Europe who sees the instrument from the drawing board to the shop floor. As you would expect, his knowledge (and passion) is boundless, and that sets us out as a unique place to buy a keyboard instrument anywhere in Scotland, England, Wales or Ireland .

Describe your typical working day.

There’s no such thing! Being in here is like watching a kaleidoscope. We are working on an appointments-only system in-store currently, so we know when we’ll see our scheduled customers. But there’s also emails, phone calls, deliveries, arrivals, web videos to make, reviews to write… That’s one of the reasons we love it. No two hours are ever the same, let alone two days!

Why Leith?

Many years ago, our old premises were on the Canongate. Whilst it was busier there with footfall, it was mainly tourists passing by. We rarely saw any Edinburghers! On Elm Row, you feel like you are in a little village community. It’s a brilliant area to work and relax in. At the moment the Trams To Newhaven works are right outside the store. Whilst it’s not brilliant that there’s no parking in the immediate area, we’ve made a video that we send to our appointments guiding them to the nearest available places. We are looking forward to seeing to result of the works. The artist impressions look amazing!

Name three fellow Leith businesses you love to visit.

 Could we do four, please?

 1. Valvona & Crolla – The best Italian food store “in the world”.

2. Elm Row Café – One of those “You can’t go wrong with anything” places. And Serkan has done an amazing job fitting a lovely new mezzanine into the building.

 3. Thirsty Pallet Café – A proper “New York” deli, right next door to us. Don’t go in without being SERIOUSLY hungry. ☺

 4. Café Bellini – Just down from us on Leith Walk. A real Italian café full of that brilliant Scots/Italian mix. It’s like having your lunch in an opera.

Do you see a pattern here? THAT’S why we love Elm Row!

Published: 12th November 2021