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Small Business Spotlight: Shore Avocado

The inside of the Shore Avocado cafe.

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Tell us a bit about your business?

We are a new family run business, priding ourselves in selling fresh homemade food ranging from toasties, paninis and wraps to soups and light lunches. Currently in this period we are mostly takeaway, however, in the near future (COVID-19 depending) we have plans in place to provide both indoor and outdoor seating making it easier to enjoy our tasty food! 

What makes your business unique?

We think our business is somewhat unique in the sense that we are a family run business. We also aim to provide the highest quality of food possible at the most affordable prices. Our biggest aim is to ensure customer satisfaction, to ensure this, we are always open to customers opinions and suggestions!

Describe your typical working day.

Our typical work day is a busy one! We open at 7:30am six days a week but are usually in the shop before then. Our morning always begins by preparing fresh fillings and salads for the selection of paninis, wraps, baked potatoes etc, as-well as prepping our morning roll breakfast items! After the early morning period of serving customers (always with a smile) our attention normally turns to preparing for the lunch time hours. This usually consists of making the homemade soups, curries and the other selection of items on the menu. Throughout the day we always ensure time to thoroughly clean the kitchen and front of the shop to make sure we have a clean environment for both the customers and ourselves! Our day usually finishes around 4pm where we pack everything up and do a deep clean of the shop ready to start again tomorrow!

Why Leith?

We chose Leith as it is an up and coming area with all the new tram developments! As well as the level of diversity and inclusion that Leith offers. Furthermore, the time and place just felt right for us especially as we have had strong family ties with the area in the past! 

Name three fellow Leith businesses you love to visit.


Network Barbers 


Published: 26th April 2021