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Ocean Terminal (Ocean Drive)

Work on building the tram route in the Ocean Terminal area (Ocean Drive) began Spring 2020. See estimated timelines of when work will be finished in this area.

This area is seperated into smaller sections of work. These are:

  • Tower Street to Constitution Place 
  • Casino acess road area 
  • Ocean Drive at Stevedore Place
  • Tower Place to Rennie's Isle
  • Rennie's Isle to Ocean Terminal 
  • Ocean Terminal

Both SFN and MUS will carry out works in this section. To accommodate works and facilitate public realm works we are also required to remove approximately 20 metres of the wall at the corner of the Tradewinds development.  This area of land will be attained under the Edinburgh Tram (Line One) Act 2006 to facilitate the Trams to Newhaven route.

Traffic Management

Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times with parking and loading on Ocean Drive suspended throughout the duration of the works. The project will assess the traffic management arrangement throughout the construction period and make amends if required.