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Ocean Terminal (Ocean Drive)

Works in the Ocean Terminal area (Ocean Drive) started in Spring 2020. You can view the Ocean Terminal traffic management arrangements

The second phase of works on Ocean Drive between Rennie's Isle and Cala Developments started on 2 January 2021 with traffic management arrangements in place from Monday 4 January 2021. Construction works are scheduled to be completed by Autumn 2021.

Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times with parking and loading on Ocean Drive suspended throughout the duration of the works.
The project will also begin works on the area outside Stevedore Place on 18 January 2021. This work will include clearance of utilities and the laying of track, ducting and drainage.  Thereafter, works will continue in the remaining sections.  The programme is as follows:
  1. January 2021 – Summer 2021: area outside Stevedore Place – clearance of utilities and laying of track, ducting and drainage;
  2. Summer 2021 – Autumn 2021: existing roadway – clearance of utilities and laying of track, ducting and drainage; and
  3. Autumn 2021 – Winter 2021/22: Roadway from the roundabout to the casino and port area – completion of new roadway
Traffic Management
Please note that the traffic plans detail that access will be provided to Rennies Isle and the Cala Development entrance at all stages of this phase Access to the Cala Development will be from the west by Ocean Terminal on Ocean Drive and the entrance to Rennies Isle will be from the east by way of the diversion route via The Shore.
The works on Constitution Street between Baltic and Tower Street are still ongoing. As a result of this section still being closed the access route to the Ocean Drive area (Tower Place, Forth Ports, Stevedore Place, Constitution Place, Tower Street Industrial Estate) will be via Commercial Street / Bernard Street, the Shore and onto Tower Street. In order to ensure a clear route through this area it will be necessary to enforce parking restrictions on street locations.
There will be no traffic management arrangements required on Stevedore Place.
The project will assess the traffic management arrangement throughout the construction period and make amends if required.
Construction Works
The initial works will see the site fenced off in order to establish the construction site which will take approximately 1-2 weeks. During this period there will also be further site investigation works undertaken with the installation of traffic management arrangements in and around the area.

Information boards will be displayed once the fencing has been erected and the construction site has been established.

Following site set up, Morrison Utility Services (MUS) will commence excavation of the road and clearance of any utility services and archaeological finds. An archaeological team will be on hand to assist.
Sacyr, Farrans, Neopul (SFN) will then commence installation of the full tram infrastructure, which will also include some work on the Victoria Dock Entrance Bridge where modifications are required to the existing structure.
There will be no changes to your bin collection arrangements.
Other Works
Other associated work will also be taking place at the following locations:
1. Ocean Terminal – works are continuing and scheduled to be completed by Spring 2021.
2. Queen Charlotte Street to Constitution Place – works are continuing and scheduled to be completed in Spring 2021 with the exception of the Robert Burns statue reinstatement and utility works at the Baltic Street junction.
3. Foot of the Walk to Coatfield Lane – works are continuing and scheduled to be completed by Summer 2021.
4. Leith Walk – works are continuing and scheduled to be completed in Winter 2021/22.
As a project we are continuously reviewing our schedule of works in order to mitigate against the impact ofthe 13-week delay we incurred as a result of the outbreak of Coronavirus. Please note that this may impact on the sequence of works, any changes will be communicated via the project’s communication channels.
Considerate Contractor Scheme
SFN and MUS both follow the principles of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which requires a firmfocus on outstanding management, efficiency, awareness of local environmental issues, and a genuine consideration for neighbours and the community. During the time that the above works are being undertaken, all efforts will be made to minimise disruption and inconvenience to residents and businesses.