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Community Benefits

Trams to Newhaven are committed to maximising the social, economic and environmental benefits through the delivery of the project. 

Examples of these benefits are to

  • target recruitment and training, for example, jobs, training, work experience, job shadowing opportunities, apprenticeships for young people and unemployed individuals
  • support employment for people with disabilities or other disadvantages groups
  • mentor – suppliers offering support and guidance to local organisations and individuals
  • undertake volunteering within communities
  • provide community enhancements – resources provided for community facilities, for example, playgrounds, habitat enhancements, environmental improvements and initiatives
  • offer sub-contracting opportunities in an open transparent way, to local SME’s holding promotional events in the local area.

We are keen to engage with the wider community including

  • schools
  • colleges
  • universities
  • local charities
  • employability organisations
  • social enterprises. 

Our staff have engaged with schools on a range of curriculum supported activities. These activities promote careers in construction to students and share information about the Trams to Newhaven project.  As part of our commitment to increase social value, we will be carrying out various community engagements and learning activities throughout the duration of the project.

Get in touch

We welcome those who are living or supporting communities to get in touch to discuss where we can work together to create a lasting legacy with sustainable community benefits. COVID-19 restriction do apply, however please do get in contact with the team to explore opportunities. 

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