Terms and Conditions of Employment

Local Government employees

Your terms and conditions of employment are covered by:

  • Your statement of employment particulars;
  • Council policies; and
  • National and local collective agreements negotiated and agreed with specified trade union(s) unions.

Collective agreements are applicable to your employment as a Local Government Employee, which may be incorporated into your contract. Copies of Council policies and collective agreements, some of which will apply to your employee group, are available on the Council intranet or from your line manager.

From time to time variations in your terms and conditions of employment will result from collective agreements reached with the trade unions, or through Council policies, and we’ll communicate these changes to you.

Craft employees

Changes to Craft Operative terms and conditions of employment which were implemented by the City of Edinburgh Pay Agreement (Craft), and which are contained in the City of Edinburgh Council Craft Pay and Terms and Conditions Handbook, and any collective agreements which directly affect the terms and conditions of your employment, are available on our intranet or from your line manager.