Support if you're ill

Local Government employees

Subject to the conditions set out in the Scheme of Conditions of Service (which also deals with absence through injury), entitlement to sickness allowance depends on continuous service.

Local Government employees' sickness entitlement

Service at commencement of absence from duty: Full allowance for: Half allowance for:
Less than 26 weeks 0 weeks 0 weeks
26 weeks or more but less than 1 year 5 weeks 5 weeks
1 year but less than 2 years 9 weeks 9 weeks
2 years but less than 3 years 18 weeks 18 weeks
3 years but less than 5 years 22 weeks 22 weeks
5 years or more 26 weeks  26 weeks

Sick pay

Sickness allowance will be your normal contractual pay inclusive of any Statutory Sick Pay which you may be entitled to. If you qualify for National Insurance Benefit including Dependants' Allowance, this will be deducted from full sick pay.

Pay during sick leave is:

  • the pay you normally receive,
  • including working time payments and/or
  • contractual overtime where you’ve been regularly in receipt of this type of additional payment,
  • but excluding casual overtime and standby duty.

Industrial injury

If you’re absent due to sickness or disablement as a result of an incident arising out of and during employment, or due to an industrial disease, you’ll be entitled to a separate allowance calculated on the same basis as sickness allowance.