Sessional employees

Salary and annual leave

Sessional salaries are paid on an annualised basis with effect from your start date in the sessional post.

For example every month you'll be paid 1/12th of your annual pay. Annual pay comprises your total contracted hours over the year together with payment in respect of your service related annual leave and public holiday entitlement.

The first salary you receive will reflect the number of days you worked in your first month of employment. Thereafter you should receive the same salary each month, irrespective of how many actual working days fall within the month. The only exception to this would be if you have unpaid leave or you change the number of hours you work.

Annual leave

On termination of your employment, your annual leave entitlement will be calculated with reference to the number of complete months in the current leave year since the anniversary of your start date. This could result in a deduction being made to your final pay or you having to pay back a sum of money. This is known as a final sessional calculation.