Performance management

We want all our employees to do the best possible job they can for the Council and the people in our city. As your employer, it's our job to provide you with the right support so we can help you be at your best. Being at your best applies to both what you do and how you do it, and we expect our Council Values to be at the heart of the approach we all bring to our work:

  • Customer first
  • Work together
  • Forward thinking
  • Honest and transparent.

Performance framework

(This applies to Local Government employees and Craft workers.)

Being our best in everything we do for the people in our city makes us deliver great services. Our Values map, detailed in our Performance Framework, is a set of all the best qualities, behaviours, approaches and attitudes that show how we do things when we're at our best. The Values map will help us to celebrate what we do well, have meaningful conversations about how we can be at our best and how we might want to develop.


Professional Review and Development (PRD)