Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership

The Partnership manages services provided by:

  • the City of Edinburgh Council (the “Council”) and
  • NHS Lothian Health Board (the “NHS).

They work together to create an integrated health and social care service.

Your employer

You will be employed by the Council but you may work with and be managed by someone who is employed by the NHS. 

Personal and work data

As a result of the joint working arrangement, your data may need to be shared between the Council and the NHS. Any such information will be handled in accordance with the Council’s data protection and record retention systems and procedures.

You may also be required to share the Council’s data with the NHS or to process or control data belonging to the NHS on behalf of the Council. Such sharing arrangements will be governed by an information sharing agreement between the Council and the NHS. If appropriate, training will be made available in relation to the relevant agreement(s) in advance of sharing any such data.

Our systems

Your role in the integrated service may require you to access NHS Information Communication Technology (ICT) systems. You must abide by the Council’s policies and practices in relation to Council ICT provision but you will also be required to abide by NHS ICT policies and practices to access their systems.


Talk to your line manager if you have any questions relating to your post within the Partnership.

Further information

Find out about more the partnership and its meetings on the NHS Lothian website.