Right to work in the UK

A successful candidate will get an email with a link to their conditional offer letter - which they will be prompted to accept or decline. HR will notify the recruiting manager when you accept. Once you accept the conditional offer, pre-employment checks are initiated by HR and the recruiting manager.

A start date cannot be arranged until you've had your documents validated and all recruitments checks are back, so please complete all requests as soon as you can.

UK citizens

If you hold a British passport, the recruiting manager must still check an applicant's right to work. They must

  • see your original documents
  • check that the documents are valid with you present
  • make and keep copies of the documents and record the date they made the check
  • in the absence of a passport, you must submit your birth certificate (short or long) along with an official document that shows your National Insurance number and name.

Non-UK citizens

If you don’t hold a British passport, use the checker to see if your documentation allows you to work in the UK.

How to check your eligibility

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Start Now and work your way through the online assessment.
  3. Follow any guidance given.