New employees

Learning and development

All City of Edinburgh Council employees have to complete some essential e-learning. You’ll be given access to the myLearning Hub when you join.

Before you join

Please ensure you have read the ICT Acceptable Use Policy. Once you have access to myLearning Hub you’ll need to complete the ICT Acceptable Use Policy e-learning module. There are a further six modules essential learning modules that you’ll need to complete once you have access to the myLearning Hub

New manager e-learning

In addition to the essential learning modules, there's also essential e-learning for managers which you’ll need to complete once you have access the myLearning Hub.

New employee: Covid 19: Condensed Essential Learning

In response to COVID 19, we’ve articulated condensed essential learning for key roles. This learning is for employees who are new or are repurposing into critical roles. This is available on the myLearning Hub.