Council budget 2020-2023

We deliver a vast range of services to people who live and work in Edinburgh. In 2020/21 we’ll spend over £1 billion on services and investing in our priorities. This includes:

Reducing poverty

  • £77 million on early years services - 1,140 hours of funded early learning and childcare by August 2020
  • £2.5 billion to build 20,000 affordable new homes by 2027 with our partners 
  • £3.6 million to improve pupil attainment, achievement and attendance, as well as the £7 million from Scottish Government Pupil Equity Funding
  • free school meals to almost 5,000 pupils and all pupils in P1-P3
  • £0.5 million for clothing grants
  • an extra £2 million to improve temporary accommodation and early intervention and prevention initiatives
  • over £25 million for people who need help paying their Council Tax

Sustainability - working towards being carbon-neutral by 2030

  • £29.5 million for the Zero Waste treatment centre at Millerhill which will provide power to more than 30,000 homes
  • another £10.7 million to finish upgrading our street lighting to energy efficient LED lights
  • £17.8 million (over 10 years) for cycling projects
  • tram extension to Newhaven including £2.4 million to support local businesses
  • £12.6 million to replace more than 200 vehicles with lower emissions ones

Health and Wellbeing

  • £10 million to complete Meadowbank Sports Stadium
  • £2 million for community mental health support and school counselling
  • £3.5 million in grants to improve mental health and wellbeing, learning and development and to support personal and social development

In 2020-21, we’ll also invest

  • £12.6 million on North Bridge
  • £226 million on health and social care services.

And over the next ten years, we'll invest:

  • £123 million on roads and pavements
  • £60 million on road safety, network, cycling and public transport
  • £70 million on roads, including winter maintenance


We continue to face financial challenges because:

  • of rising costs
  • of increased demand on our services as our population changes and grows
  • our income has not kept up with this rising demand.

Since 2012/13, we’ve saved £320m million by working more efficiently and prioritising our services, but we estimate we must save a further £87.3 million by 2023.

Our priorities

We must change how we deliver services and reduce spending in some areas. Our priorities will be to:

  • deliver high quality services and protect frontline services
  • reduce poverty and inequality
  • become carbon neutral by 2030
  • improve the wellbeing of all Edinburgh’s residents.

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