Your pay and benefits – Living Wage

Simpler, fairer, and sustainable

Why we're proposing a change

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the world has changed and it’s unlikely to return to what we knew before. Colleagues in every area of the Council had to adapt to new ways of working. We’ve risen to the challenge and pulled together as one team and continued to work hard in difficult circumstances. Through the dedication of our colleagues, we’ve kept our city running, delivered vital services, and helped those who need it the most.

We continue to shape our services to meet the needs of our citizens on a more permanent basis. This may mean working in different ways than we do at the moment. We need to make sure that our pay and conditions’ framework supports and enables these new ways of working. We want to do this by making our pay and benefits ‘simpler, fairer and sustainable’.

Find out more and download the Council Business Plan and Budget 2021/26.

Consolidation of the Scottish Local Government Living Wage

We’ll build the Scottish Local Government Living Wage into our pay and grading structure by 1 April 2021. This means we can deliver an increase in pay for our lowest paid employees in the Council.

This gives certainty for those working in our lowest grades in our ongoing efforts to become a Scottish Fair Work Employer. The Scottish Local Government Living Wage is an important step in tackling in-work poverty. This is a key outcome of our commitment to end poverty in Edinburgh by 2030.

Our aim is to

  1. Pay all colleagues an hourly pay rate which is above the Scottish Local Government Living Wage in their basic pay. Currently, some of our colleagues in lower grades are paid a ‘top-up’ allowance to their hourly pay rate to bring it up to the level of the Scottish Local Gov Living Wage rate. The change means the top-up won’t be needed.
  2. Make sure there are different pay rates between Grades 1-3, to recognise the different job levels and the experience, knowledge, skills and qualifications needed to undertake them.

By making these changes, 2,400 colleagues would see their hourly pay rate rise above the Scottish Local Government Living Wage. This means that all Council employees would receive a take home pay ‘greater’ than the Scottish Local Government Living Wage.

Throughout February 2021, we will be consulting with our Trade Union colleagues on these plans. We will update you again on these in early March.