Pay award 2022 - 2023

Pay award 2022-2023

Updated  20 January 2023

Local Government employees and Craft

Talks between COSLA and Trade Unions have now ended and the 2022-2023 pay award for Local Government Employees and Craft has now been agreed.

We can confirm that all Local Government Employees and craft apprentices will receive their new rate of pay on Thursday 22 December 2022, which will be backdated to April 2022.

What the pay offer means for us

There are three elements to this year’s pay award for LGEs and Craft:

  1. Increased pay
  2. One extra day of annual leave on a permanent basis 
  3. The removal of Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) registration fees on a permanent basis for LGEs

1. Increased pay

As we operate a 36-hour week, we’ve detailed below what the pay offer means for us (based on information provided by COSLA).

Scottish Local Government Living Wage: hourly rate for 2022/23 is £10.85.

Pay award details for LGE

Current salary SCP 2022/23 Pay Award
Up to £19,969 SCP019 to SCP024 £2,000
£20,251 - £38,340  SCP025 to SCP070 £1,925
£38,904 - £57,557 SCP071 to SCP098 5%
£58,496 and above SCP099 to SCP125 A 5% increase, to a maximum of £2,919

Pay award details for Craft apprentices

The new 2022/23 hourly rates and salaries for Craft apprentices are detailed below.

Apprenticeship year SCP Hourly rate Annual salary
Year 1 461A £10.85 £20,382
Year 2 462A £10.85 £20,382
Year 3 463A £12.29 £23,083
Year 4 464A £13.06 £24,526
  • The salaries quoted are full-time equivalent salaries.
  • Craft apprentice SCPs 461A and 462A are topped up to the Scottish Local Government Living Wage of £10.85

National payments

The national First Aid Allowance will increase by 5%.

CoSLA have advised that discussions are still ongoing regarding Craft national allowances for tools and overalls, which have now been confirmed to be outwith the scope of the 2022/23 Craft pay award.  We’ll keep colleagues informed of the outcome of these discussions once this information is available.

Local payments

Working Time Payments and other local payments will increase by 5% in line with increases to national allowances.

When is the pay increase effective from?

The pay increase will be implemented from 1 April 2022.

When will you receive your pay increase?

We aim to pay employees in scope on Thursday 22 December. 

2. One extra day of annual leave

In addition to the uplifts to LGE and Craft aprentice pay, the deal includes an extra day of annual leave. This enhancement will be applied on a permanent basis to your annual leave entitlement from 1 April 2022. Your 2022-2023 annual leave entitlement on myHR will be updated by 31 December 2022.

This will apply to permanent and temporary contracts and, if applicable, will be pro-rated accordingly. The enhancement will also apply to term time holiday pay for colleagues who work on a sessional basis.

3. Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) registration fees 

The deal also includes the removal of SSSC registration fees on a permanent basis for all roles and grades.

Interim guidance is now available for the payment of SSSC registration fees. Please check back regularly for updates.

Chief Officer and Learning and Teaching groups

Discussions about Chief Officer and Learning and Teaching groups are still ongoing.

Organisation leavers since 1 April 2022

  • Subject to any overpayments, employees who left the Council between 1 April 2022 and 30 November 2022 are in scope for the back dated pay award.  Leavers are also in scope for payment in lieu of the extra day’s annual leave and this payment will be pro-rated accordingly.
    • Leavers from 1 April to 30 November 2022:  All payments due will be made to organisation leavers on Friday 27 January 2023.  
    • Leavers in December 2022:  You’ll receive increased monthly pay and back pay on Thursday 22 December 2022. Payment in lieu of the extra day’s annual leave will be paid on Friday 27 January 2023.  
  • Payments will be applied automatically so you don’t need to take any action at this time.  We’ll update Lothian Pension Fund where applicable and this work will be completed by 31 March 2023.   
  • If your bank account details have changed since you were last in employment with the City of Edinburgh Council, please call askHR on 0131 469 5555.  We will need to verify certain details with you before we can make any changes.

Further information