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Decision making

Members of the Edinburgh Integration Joint Board

Board members 

There are both voting and non-voting members. The people who attend the meetings are:

Chair/vice chair and voting members 

 Councillor Ricky Henderson  Chair
 Carolyn Hirst   Vice-Chair and Non-Executive Board Member, NHS Lothian 
 Michael Ash  Non-Executive Board Member, NHS Lothian 
 Martin Hill   Non-Executive Board Member, NHS Lothian 
 Angus McCann  Non-Executive Board Member, NHS Lothian 
 Dr Richard Williams  Non-Executive Board Member, NHS Lothian
 Councillor Robert Aldridge  Councillor, The City of Edinburgh Council
 Councillor George Gordon  Councillor, The City of Edinburgh Council
 Councillor Melanie Main  Councillor, The City of Edinburgh Council
 Councillor Susan Webber  Councillor, The City of Edinburgh Council

Non voting members

 Colin Beck  Joint Chair of Professional Advisory Committee
 Carl Bickler  Joint Chair of Professional Advisory Committee
 Dr Andrew Coull  Acute medical representative
 Dr Lynne Douglas  Allied health professional representative
 Christine Farquhar  Carer member
 Helen FitzGerald  NHS Partnership staff representative
 Kirsten Hey  Council Trade Union representative
 Jackie Irvine  Chief Social Work Officer 
 Dr Ian McKay  Chief Medial Officer
 Carole Macartney  Service user representative
 Moira Pringle  EIJB Chief Finance Officer
 Judith Proctor  EIJB Chief Officer
 Alison Robertson  Service user representative
 Ella Simpson  Voluntary sector 
 Pat Wynne  Chief Nurse 

Register of interests 

The register of members interests is available to view. 


Find out how to make a deputation and influence Edinburgh's health and social care decisions. 

Background to formation of the IJB

In late 2012 the Shadow Integration Joint Board was created to make decisions about how services were delivered.

Councillor Ricky Henderson was the chair and Shulah Allan from the NHS Lothian Board was the Vice Chair. These appointments lasted for the first two years.

From 1 April 2013 until 18 July 2014, the Edinburgh Integration Joint Board (IJB) meetings were held in public. Details of these meetings and papers are available.

At its meeting on 18 July 2014, the IJB agreed to adopt a development workshop format for its future meetings in the run up to the formal establishment of the Board on 1 April 2015. 

The IJB was legally established in June 2015 and met for the first time on 17 July 2015. Following approval of its Strategic Plan on 11 March 2016, the IJB took on its full responsibilities and powers on 1 April 2016.