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Support local businesses

How will businesses survive – will there be compensation?

We are aware that there is likely to be some disruption to businesses during construction. The project team has consulted with local businesses on a £2.4m support for business scheme aimed at maintaining the vibrancy, accessibility and desirability of the area. The responses to the consultation have been reviewed with some changes made to better reflect the needs of local business.

What support measures are being considered as part of the Support for Business scheme?

  • A business continuity fund to allow small business to access funding to help alleviate short-term cash flow issues.
  • Discount vouchers to spend in local shops, cafes and restaurants, with the business receiving the full sale amount and the Council paying the difference.
  • An investment in the local area both during and after works commence will include a community mural painting project and litter picking.
  • Business development support and advice to businesses along the route, including signposting to free business improvement courses.
  • Customer service staff to help people get around and signpost them to information on the project.
  • Logistics hubs at key junctions to provide short-term storage and last mile delivery for goods coming into premises and where the lorries or delivery vehicles are unable to park close enough to complete the delivery themselves.
  • Parking at various locations along the worksite, replacing around 60% of the spaces lost during construction.
  • A significant open for business campaign across digital channels (website, social media and digital screens) and offline channels (TV, Radio, billboards and newspapers) to help drive footfall to the area.

What is a logistics hub?

Logistics hubs will provide last mile support for large sized deliveries and dispatch items. They will consist of a site cabin, daytime storage and lined or fenced off loading areas for delivery vehicles.

Our team will be on hand six days a week to assist delivery drivers getting goods into and out of your premises using trolleys and cargo bikes.

Hubs will also provide on-street information to residents and businesses with an indoor seating area (should you fancy a cup of tea).

The logistics hub can also be used by residents for the delivery of bulky items such as sofas or fridge freezers. Please discuss these deliveries in advance with our logistic officers.

Where will hubs be located?

There will be four hubs at the following locations:

  • Jane Street
  • Dalmeny Street
  • Albert Street
  • Montgomery Street

What hours do hubs operate?

Each hub will be open Monday – Friday from 8am – 4:30pm and Saturdays from 8am to 12pm.

Can a delivery driver make deliveries outside of these times?

Deliveries outside these hours will be managed by the businesses receiving the goods. We would advise businesses who expect to receive large deliveries outside of these times to contact their supplier to reschedule deliveries within operating hours, where we will be happy to provide any help you need. If deliveries are being made using a city or transit van while hubs are closed, please use one of the loading areas listed overleaf.

What type of vehicles should use the hubs?

Primarily, hubs will deal with deliveries from larger vehicles such as rigid- and fixed-axle lorries. Drivers of transit, city or similar sized vehicles should make use of dedicated loading bays next to the hubs as well as additional bays across the route.

Where else can I find loading for city and transit vans?

Additional unmanned loading bays will be provided at Annandale Street, Iona Street, Brunswick Street, Balfour Street and Lorne Street.

I’m making a delivery using a city or transit van, should I seek out delivery help from a member of staff?

In this case, you should attempt to make the delivery yourself. Should you require any help or access to a trolley, speak to a member of our team.

How do I get to a hub?

Find more information including route maps for each hub location.

Do I need to use a specific hub?

Yes, you will be notified in advance of which hub will service your business. Please ensure you communicate your hub location with any delivery drivers.

Can I pool my deliveries with other businesses?

Yes. Traders are encouraged to work together to facilitate multiple drops in the same geographical area, by the same vehicle. Regular communication between our team and businesses will continue to help identify any opportunities.

Help us help you

Help us make a success of logistics support with our handy checklist:

  • Let us know in advance when you expect a delivery or to send out bulky goods.
  • Inform your delivery driver of your hub location.
  • Speak with your suppliers to rearrange large deliveries outside of hub hours.
  • Engage our team and other businesses in your area to consolidate deliveries.
  • Sign up for cargo bike training course.

Will there be parking provisions during tram construction works?

All parking and loading provisions are suspended on Constitution Street and between Foot of the Walk to London Road with no street parking or loading facilities available on the running lane on Leith Walk.  Short-term waiting areas will be provided at locations during the works to facilitate access to businesses and local properties. The waiting times in these areas was originally 30 minutes, however since opening them and based on feedback from some of the businesses and wider community we have now increased the waiting time to a short stay for 90 minutes. These areas are on Leith Walk and will move as works progress. 

Enforcement of the waiting areas is conducted by City of Edinburgh Council enforcement teams. Guidance is visible within these waiting areas. View further information on parking and enforcement