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Utility Diversions

Utility Diversions

On the Utility Diversion Letter I received in December 2019 it says "if you are an elderly or vulnerable customer that may have additional needs during the works to contact the customer helpline number". What does this mean and  how are you assisting vulnerable residents?

Trams to Newhaven issued a staturoty notification letter in December 2019 requesting that any vulnerable residents contact Trams to Newhaven to advise of additional assistance. This helped us identify customers who may need additional support during interrutptions. These customers will be contacted in advance so that we can look at ways of helping them through any interuptions.

What should I do if I know of someone who may need support if their utilities are interrupted?

If you know of any customers that you feel would need additional support during any utility interruptions please contact us on 0131 322 1122.

If someone contacts me, speaks to me on the street or visits my home, how can I check if they work for the project?

Each one of our team will carry a identification badge.  This will have their name, job title and the contact centres number 0131 322 1122. Please ask for their card and call the contact centre from your own phone if you are in any doubt.  The contact centre will be able to verify their identity.

Will my gas, electric, water, internet and phone service stop during the works?

The majority of utility diversions will be completed with minimum interruption to services.  If there is a need to interrupt any of your services a utility specific statutory notification will be issued in advance.  This will detail how you will be impacted and for how long.

What does statutory utility notifications mean?

Statutory notifications are set out by each utility provider for planned works.  Statutory notification periods for planned interruptions to services are:

  • Gas - 7 days notification - Notified by Trams to Newhaven (Morrison Utility Services)
  • Electricity - 2 days notification (48 hrs) - Notified by Scottish Power Energy Networks.
  • Water - 2 days notification (48 hrs) - Notified by Trams to Newhaven (Morrison Utility Services).  This will be in the form of a Scottish Water notification card.
  • Internet and telephone - Direct from your service provider.

I have no electricity and I have not received a notification. My supply has been interupted but I have received no card.  What should I do? 

Not all utility works in the area are related to the Trams to Newhaven project.  Follow safety first and call the utility provider: 

  • Gas Emergency (SGN)- 0800 111 999
  • Electricity Emergency (SPEN) - 0800 092 9290 - Damage to Power Lines - 105
  • Water Emergency (Scottish Water) - 0800 077 8778
  • BT - 0800 023 2023
  • Virgin Media - 0345 454 1111
  • City Fibre - 0800 298 6267

I run a business. Can the utility diversion works  be completed when my business or shop is quiet?

We will do our best to work with local residents and business so that any planned interruptions to services have as little impact as possible.  Businesses will be visited by staff from Morrison Utility Services prior to any interruptions to services to assess individual needs and concerns.