No Cold Calling Zones


Doorstep crime includes many different types of behaviour

  • bogus workmen
  • distraction burglary
  • poor workmanship
  • misleading/aggressive trading practices.

The Trading Standards team work closely with colleagues in Police Scotland to help prevent doorstep crime, and investigate incidents that are reported. We carry out joint patrols, checking trader identifications and ensuring that property maintenance work which is ongoing has been properly agreed and the correct paperwork issued.

We also operate a Rapid Reaction team. If you call Police Scotland on 101 or 999 regarding a doorstep crime incident, the Trading Standards team will be informed and can attend or offer the necessary advice.

Through our Doorstep Crime and Scam intervention, we have saved consumers over £180,000 since 2012. A number of traders have received formal warnings and have been reported to the court, with results including

  • imprisonment
  • community payback orders
  • vehicles and equipment being seized.

No Cold Calling Zones

A No Cold Calling Zone (NCCZ) is an area in which a majority of residents have stated that they do not want traders to call at their homes without being invited.

We have set up zones in Edinburgh, in partnership with Police Scotland, the sheltered housing team and local residents.

The zones have been designed to

  • reduce instances of doorstep crime, bogus workmen and distraction burglaries
  • deter cold callers
  • educate residents and empower them to refuse cold callers.

There are currently over 100 zones throughout the city, protecting an estimated 12,500 homes. Further zones are always under development.

You can view the locations of the current No Cold Calling Zones on our Google map.

Download the list of street names covered by zones (PDF - 230KB)

Download information leaflet on setting up a No Cold Calling Zone (PDF - 378KB)

If you have other questions you can contact us to find out more

0131 608 1100

[email protected].

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