Supporting children & young people at home during school closures

Staying connected and emotionally healthy

Both you and your children need to feel connected to feel emotionally healthy. When we are not able to see our friends and loved ones in the way we are used to it is unsettling, especially during a time of uncertainty. To help our families we can:

  • Plan different ways to stay connected to the important people in our lives.
  • Try to stay connected to things that we miss, such as important parts of our usual routine and interests.
  • Connect to our hopes for the future, even if we’re not sure when they will happen.

Think about who and what you want to stay connected to, as well as your child, and put some time in your routine for this.

Sometimes, when we are able to keep in a routine and are learning, active and connected, then we stay emotionally healthy. Sometimes we also need a little extra help to cope with worries, low mood and fears.

If you are looking for some extra ideas, there are plenty of easy-to-use materials out there. It can feel quite overwhelming, so these are a few key sites that might be helpful:

Resources for parents and carers

Resources for children and young people

Things you can do together: