Supporting children & young people at home during school closures

Keep active

Moving around and being physically active is something which is important for everyone. It can help improve our mood and how well we can learn and manage our emotions. Because we are all spending so much extra time inside right now, it will be harder to be active in the ways we would be normally. Children still need to move and use their bodies and voices with opportunities to play, be loud and jump around. There are lots of good ways everyone can keep active and healthy. Making physical activity a regular, fun and predictable part of a daily routine will be something
which will help children (and adults!) manage best and improve wellbeing.

Inside ideas

Active screen time

Fun activities and challenges

Creative play

  • Create a mini obstacle course
  • Put some music on and dance
  • Sing songs with actions and movement
  • Play balloon tennis
  • Play Scotland have lots more fun and free ideas

Outside ideas*

  • Go for a walk near your home. To make it more fun you could play 'I spy' or try to avoid the cracks in the pavement!
  • Bounce on a trampoline
  • Skip with a skipping rope
  • Ride a bike
  • Play chasing games

*Remember to keep your social distance