Supporting children & young people at home during school closures

Create routines

Where possible, try to maintain normal routines and structure. This is important as it helps children and young people to feel safe and secure and can reduce any feelings of anxiety they may have, during this period of uncertainty. It also helps to maintain good eating and sleeping habits and promotes positive family relationships.

Daily routines

  • Set times for going to bed and getting up in the morning.
  • Maintain self-care routines, for example showering, changing into daytime clothes.
  • Have regular times for meals.
  • Have regular opportunities for fresh air and exercise, as far as this is possible.
  • Try and limit time on electronic devices, where possible.
  • Respect each other’s privacy and give space where you can.

Tip: Try to limit how often your child is exposed to the news as this might increase their anxiety.

Creating new routines

  • Make Monday to Friday different from the weekend by structuring the timings similar to a normal school day. However, it is important to remember you can't replicate school at home.
  • Structure your child’s day so they have a variety of activities and breaktimes.
  • Create a menu of activities that your child can do through the day such as tasks provided by school, household chores, online learning, games, art activities, music, play, outdoor activities and reading.
  • Make a daily plan with your child and share it with them the night before so they know what's happening the next day.
  • Review the day’s activities and talk about what they've done. Focus on the positives, a sense of accomplishment is important for children and young people.

Useful websites

Helpful websites with information about setting up routines: