Speak up Speak out

If you or anyone you know is being harmed, you should speak up. 

Contact Social Care Direct or phone 999 in an emergency.

Harm can be done by anyone to anyone - friends, relatives and strangers, men, women and children - no matter how old they are or what colour their skin is.

Most harm takes place at home but it can happen anywhere - at work, in a public place, or in hospital or a care home. It can also happen on the internet and over the phone.

Read about different types of harm on our other pages, for example, neglect, physical harm, threats, self harm, financial harm and forced marriage.

We and our partners want people to speak up if they or others are being harmed - we can help.

Don't be afraid that it will make things worse. We'll make sure that the person you speak to us about gets the support they need and we will keep the details confidential.


Download three Speak up Speak out booklets below about what can be done to protect you or someone else who may be at risk of harm. The booklets cover domestic abuse, child and adult protection and other harm issues.

Lots of people are speaking out. Read some of their stories in our booklets

  • Jack is a little boy who could be at risk of harm on the internet
  • Jenny and her sisters are worried about their mother's drinking
  • Shona's mother is an older person who pushed her sick husband because she can't cope.