Spaces for people - temporary measures being planned

Travelling safely: projects in development

Bellevue to Canonmills

We are proposing a range of improvements for people walking, wheeling and cycling in the area. This means we will need to reallocate some space currently used by cars to make way for temporary cycle ways.

This scheme will provide safer spaces for local communities to exercise. It link with wider improvements for pedestrians and cyclists at Broughton Roundabout and Broughton Street. This will create more through the area and onwards, providing new cycling connections to places close by and in the wider city.

Meadow Place Road and Ladywell Junction

We will introduce further segregated cycle ways on Meadow Place Road from Ladywell Road, creating a new safe link for people in Corstorphine.  The link connects local people in Corstorphine to local shops, greenspaces and onward to existing cycle routes: Quiet Route 9 and Quiet Route 8.

Under the Edinburgh Street Design Guidance, the amount of traffic on Ladywell Road places it in the category where segregation should be considered in order to make cycling feel safe and attractive. In so doing, this link helps create a more cohesive network for active travel in this area.

Requests for segregated cycleways were made through the Commonplace engagement and will be delivered in early 2021.

Orchard Brae

We will install a temporary segregated uphill cycleway on Orchard Brae from the Orchard Brae Roundabout to the A90. This follows feedback we received via the Commonplace engagement we carried out last year, with 24 people telling us a segregated cycle way was needed on the street.

We had previously identified this as a possible place for a scheme, given Orchard Brae is a steep hill, where the speed difference between people on bikes and cars is significant.

The cycle way will link in with other Spaces for People schemes on the A90 and Crewe Road South, providing a safe route for people travelling west and north towards the Western General Hospital.

Drum Brae North 

We are in the process of introducing segregated cycleways on Drum Brae North between Queensferry Road and Drum Brae Terrace.

The scheme also includes pedestrian improvements at side roads through narrowing of the junctions of Barntongate Avenue and double yellow, double blip parking and loading restrictions at all side roads along the route.

Access to driveways will be retained along the route, as will blue badge parking and existing bus stops.