Spaces for people - temporary measures being planned

Plans we're developing

While we’ve been asking for your ideas for temporary measures, and we're aware of areas in the city where it’s more difficult to keep a safe distance. We also know from gathering people's views on planned improvements to our active travel network that there are areas where people feel less comfortable moving around on 'wheels' of various kinds. We’re also looking at areas of the city where businesses will need more outdoor space for queuing and to allow people to keep to the two metre physical distancing guideline..

We’ve reviewed lots of locations and have drawn up proposal for a range of temporary measures to be put in place as quickly as possible. Many of the comments you've given us on the Commonplace interactive map are about issues in these locations and have helped us to refine our proposals. Many of the temporary measures link up with our network of permanent active travel routes. This gives people more chances to get around the city safely.

Each proposal has been reviewed against the criteria in our decision-making process and with our key stakeholders. We’ve prioritised temporary measures that will have the greatest benefit to public health and support business recovery. We’re also making sure we link the temporary measures with our existing network of quiet routes and the National Cycle Network.

Initially, we used cones to mark the expanded spaces for people but we're replaced with more robust temporary specialist road equipement, such as rubber kerbing andsafety cylinders. We’re also patching and repairing pavements and roads where it’s needed before we put the temporary measures in place.