Spaces for people - school measures

Safer streets, safer schools

We’ve assessed all schools in the city and installed a range of temporary measures that are helping our pupils to return to school safely. We've also made more spaces outside of the school gates to allow parents, guardians and carers to physically distance while dropping off and collecting pupils from school.

To date we have installed them outside over 120 schools. This includes primary, secondary, private and schools for children with additional support needs. Measures we have introduced at various locations are

  • widened footways
  • one way systems for pupils to enter and leave school buildings
  • new access gates to aid one way systems
  • signage and wayfinding to help young people get used to one-way systems
  • restricted vehicle access on streets near some schools
  • localised road closures
  • parking and loading restrictions, such as the introduction of double yellow lines
  • removal of guardrails to give more space for passing on footways
  • vegetation cut back to maximise space.

You can find out more details about what measures have been installed at schools around the city on the following pages.