Meadows to Greenbank

Quiet Connection

This scheme has created a safe cycling route between the south of the city and the city centre, as well as providing a safe way to walk or cycle to school for several primary schools and one high school. It also makes for safer cycling to Astley Ainslie Hospital.  

Following a stakeholder meeting with local councillors the proposed design was revised to reduce the number of closures required. This meant no additional road closures in the Cluny or Midmar areas while Braid Road remains closed in one direction.

To achieve this, we have closed the following streets to road traffic:

  • Canaan Lane southbound, north of the Astley Ainslie hospital
  • Whitehouse Loan south of its junctions with Strathearn Road and Brunstfield Crescent
  • Whitehouse Loan north at its junction with Warrender Park Road

Removing the southbound traffic through Canaan Lane and other local streets has also improved walking or cycling access to the Astley Ainslie and St Peter’s primary school.

Closing Whitehouse Loan has removed through traffic and discouraged motorists from dropping children off immediately adjacent to James Gillespie’s high school and primary school. This has provided additional space for physical distancing and allows people to travel more safely to school by walking, cycling or scooting.

View and download a map showing the Meadows to Greenbank Quiet Connection

Meadows to Greenbank - safer routes to schools