Spaces for people - implementing temporary measures

Our initial measures focus on ‘pinch points’ where space is limited. We will use some of the existing road space, which is quieter just now with less traffic, to create more space for people to travel and exercise safely. This will give priority to people to

Links Gardens road closure

  • walk
  • run
  • cycle
  • use wheelchairs / mobility aids
  • use prams.

Temporary measures include

  • widening pavements
  • putting in segregated cycle lanes
  • restricting access for vehicles
  • installing ‘bus gates’.

We can put in place temporary measures using temporary traffic regulation orders for up to 18 months.

To help keep buses moving in the reduced road space, we’ll need to change how traffic moves around the city, especially in the centre. In some locations, we’ll use ‘bus gates’ to do this, restricting general vehicle access. Over time, some other vehicles are likely to be allowed through these ‘gates’ but we’ll carefully consider this as we design each one.

We will prioritise temporary measures that will have the greatest benefit to public health and can be delivered in a short timeframe. 

In the slightly longer term as lockdown is eased, we’ll make other changes across the city, including more cycle lanes to give people more space.

Some of these temporary changes will mirror longer-term plans in our Active Travel action plan. We will continue to develop and implement those plans on a permanent basis as we move out of the current Covid-19 situation. We will of course follow the normal process before implementing permanent changes. This will include Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs), consulting people, reviewing comments and objections.