Spaces for people - deciding on temporary measures

The Council, Sustrans and other partners, have a wealth of research from across the world about creating roads and pavements to help give more space for

  • people to exercise
  • key workers to travel safely.

We have long-term plans already to make positive changes to our city to improve how we can all move around safely, whether that be

  • walking
  • cycling
  • using a vehicle to go about our business
  • using a wheelchair or pram.

The plans include

We will apply this wealth of knowledge and experience in making decisions about the temporary measures to make sure they meet our aims of making space for people to

  • exercise safely
  • travel safely around the city
  • get to local shopping streets and city centre amenities safely.

In selecting which temporary measures will be put in place, we'll consider

  • benefits to pedestrian and people using cycles, wheelchairs and prams
  • cost
  • giving access to travel in other ways where people don’t have a car or easy access to public transport
  • speed and ease of implementing, enforcing and maintaining the measure.

We’ll also consider the impact on

  • public transport
  • emergency services routes
  • people with mobility difficulties or visual impairments
  • what businesses need for their operations for example, outside space for queuing or dining, and waste collection
  • diverting traffic
  • parking.

We follow a design and risk assessment process for each proposed temporary measure. This is informed and refined by public and stakeholder feedback.