Spaces for people - temporary changes in place

City centre measures

Victoria Street and Cockburn StreetPhoto of segregated cycle lane, part of space for people temporary road measures

Temporary closures to give more space for people to

  • walk or cycle, use wheelchairs, prams and other 'wheels' 
  • on pavements for queing and outdoor seating for businesses with table and chairs licenses.

This was created following feedback received through the Commonplace tool, which showed traffic volume and narrow pavements to be key issues.

Forrest Road to the Mound

  • Road resurfacing and temporary segregated cycle lanes

Waverley Bridge

  • Closed to vehicles at the junction with Princes Street, while maintaining cycle access from Princes Street
  • Partially closed at the junction with Market Street, allowing only taxi access and loading to Waverley Station and Princes Mall from the Market Street endPhoto of temporary road measures on Waverley Bridge giving more space to people
  • Space allocated to allow queuing for users of Waverley Station and for taxis

East Princes Street and South St David Street

  • Widened footways to help pedestrians and people using wheelchairs, prams or bicycles to physically distance
  • Bus, cycle and taxi gates to reduce traffic volumes to aid cycling and public transport. In operation from 7.30am to 6.30pm daily
  • Loading access for businesses in West Register Street maintained via the east end of Princes Street