Spaces for people - temporary changes in place

Spaces for exercise

We have a number of temporary measures in to help people physically distance. To deliver this we have temporarily re-designated some roads across the city for people walking, cycling and using prams, scooters, wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

You can use these spaces for safer connections from permanent paths and cycleways to walk, run and keep fit and to find peace and quiet through moments of relaxation and mindfulness.

We are continually monitoring the impact of road closures on traffic in these areas and review them periodically. For example - we decided to remove the area we had designated at Warriston Road due to underuse, feedback from local residents and an adverse impact on road traffic on surrounding streets.

Current areas of the city benefiting from Spaces for exercise

Braid Road and Braidburn Terrace – under review

  • We have closed Braid Road between Braidburn Terrace and the Braid Hills Hotel to all traffic.
  • Braidburn Terrace remains open one way from Greenbank Terrace to Comiston Road.
  • Following feedback from the community, we will reopen Braid Road in one direction.

Cammo Walk

  • We have closed Cammo Walk between Craigs Road and the pathway into Cammo Grove.
  • We have reopened Cammo Walk to allow access to the south car park from Cammo Road. It remains closed between Craigs Road and the south car park.
  • Access has been maintained for residents’ vehicles.
  • Following feedback from residents, we will shortly be introducing double yellow lines on Cammo Walk for 100m from the junction with Cammo Road.

Kings Place

  • We have closed Kings Place to provide additional shared space for walking, wheeling and cycling.
  • Planters will be installed next week commencing 12 April and temporary traffic management will be removed.

Links Gardens

  • We have closed Links Gardens at junction with Links Gardens Lane to the Gladstone Place.

Maybury Road

  • We have introduced a temporary pedestrian crossing at Craigs Road following feedback from the local community.
  • This allows people to safely cross Maybury Road to access the Spaces for Exercise zone on Cammo Walk and onto the Cammo Estate.

Seafield Street

  • We have installed three no lane defenders to offer protection to cyclists transitioning from the off road path to the shared use path on Seafield Road. AKA Quiet Route 10.
  • We have also made adjustments to the road markings and parking restrictions to make on carriageway cycling safer.

Silverknowes Road (north of Silverknowes Parkway)

  • We have closed the road to all traffic except buses from the roundabout at Lauriston Farm Road from Silverknowes Parkway to Marine Drive.
  • This road has now opened up to the number 29 bus on the west side of the carriageway by means of a two way bus lane with passing places.
  • A bi-directional cycle lane now occupies the east side of the carriageway.
  • Pedestrians continue to benefit from the road being quieter as no private vehicles are permitted.

Silverknowes Road (south of silverknowes Parkway)

  • We have installed a two-way segregated cycle lane between Silverknowes Drive and Silverknowes Court
  • Introduced temporary bollards on the segregated sections, painted cycle symbols on the carriageway and installed signage on advisory cycle ways.
  • Following engagement with the residents, the proposed footway build out was omitted from the design. 

Stanley Street and Hope Lane

  • We have closed Hope Lane between Stanley Street and Christian Grove.
  • This now provides a low traffic corridor and access to nearby green spaces, such as Figgate Park, for fresh air and exercise.
  • Double yellow lines have been installed. We are considering reducing a length of these to allow residential parking.

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