Spaces for people - temporary changes in place

Spaces for exercise in place

We have a number of temporary measures in place so that people can physically distance from each other and stay as safe as possible on these streets. We're planning more measures which reflect much of the feedback people have given us on the Commonplace interactive map.

We will monitor the impact of traffic in these areas and take into consideration any other measures that may need to be implemented in the longer term. We will also monitor the impact of the closures and review them every three weeks.

Until there is more clarity on the physical distancing restrictions implemented by the UK and Scottish Governments, we're not able to say how long the closures will be in place.

Spaces for exercise

We've temporarily re-designated these roads for people - for walking, cycling and using prams, scooters, wheelchairs or other mobility aids - to give them more space to physically distance:

Silverknowes Road

Closed from the roundabout at Lauriston Farm Road and Silverknowes Parkway to Marine Drive.

Road closure at Braid Road to allow for physical distancing during coronavirus situation

Braid Road and one-way traffic on Braidburn Terrace

  • Closed to vehicles from the junction at Braidburn Terrace and Hermitage Drive to the entrance of the Braid Hills Hotel.
  • Braidburn Terrace is open for oneway traffic eastbound only from Greenbank Terrace / Comiston Road - closed to westbound traffic.

Links Gardens, Leith

Closed from the junction with Links Gardens Lane to the Gladstone Place / Vanburgh Place.

Cammo Walk

  • Closed to vehicles east of the pathway into Cammo Grove.
  • Access allowed also for local vehicles only.

Stanley Street and Hope Lane

  • Partial closure of Stanley Street and Hope Lane between Stanley Street and Christian Grove to traffic.
  • Provides a low traffic corridor and access to nearby green spaces like Figgate Park for exercise.

Maybury Road

  • Temporary pedestrian crossing, with controlled lights (‘green man’). This was developed from feedback from local community which allows residents from the East Craigs area to cross the busy road to access Cammo Walk to exercise/walk/wheel in Cammo Estate.
  • Note: Due to utility works in connection with the Turnhouse/West Craigs development, we’ve had to make some temporary changes to the road layout on Maybury Road late July/early August. The temporary crossing is still in place but the layout of the crossing and the road is changed to accommodate a contraflow lane arrangement (both lanes on one side of the road with a slip lane from the West Craigs Road junction).