Spaces for people - temporary changes in place

Travelling safely

Through spaces for people, we have installed or designed

  • 39km of proposed segregated cycleways. This excludes new schemes approved at the January Transport & Environment Committee that have not been fully designed and are subject to approval
  • 2.5km of Space for Exercise measures
  • 29 road closures or vehicle prohibitions near school gates
  • 54 measures to reduce the risk of infection near school gates including pavement widening, new gates and one-way systems for pedestrian access.

Improving safety and access around our main hospitals

We've made some changes on Crewe Road South for access to the Western General Hospital and Old Dalkeith Road for access to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. This includes the

  • redesignation of parts of the road to help pedestrians and people using wheelchairs and prams to physically distance
  • the introduction of new segregated cycleways to improve access and safety for cyclists around the hospitals.

These measures will help us provide safe active travel options for key workers at both hospitals and link in with other Spaces for People projects on the Craigmillar Park to Minto Street corridor and Causewayside to Buccleuch Street.

Spaces for People schemes in place across the city

A90 Queensferry Road

We have introduced some temporary changes to make improvements to cycling safety and desirability on the A90. These measures have been developed to maximise space for people walking and cycling, while also seeking to minimise adverse impacts on other road users.

In sections of the corridor where existing public transport and/or cycling infrastructure is already in place, this scheme has enhance these provisions, rather than replace them. The cycle improvement measures were developed taking into account the existing cycling network, tying into and terminating at key transition points in order to support safe and coherent on-going journeys.

To deliver this we have

  • introduced widened footways at pinch points
  • introduced segregated or advisory cycle ways
  • removed street clutter such as redundant poles and signage
  • given special consideration to mitigate potential impacts on the response times of emergency vehicles.

Braid Road

Changes to a scheme for safer travel on Braid Road will help improve journey times and reduce intrusive traffic on nearby streets while retaining protected space for active travel. These new plans have been created following a period of engagement with residents, stakeholders, and local businesses.

Read more about changes we've made to Braid Road based on feedback from the community.

Buccleuch Street

We have upgraded the advisory cycle lane to a segregated cycle lane. This links with the Spaces for People route on Causewayside, providing a safer connection between the University of Edinburgh’s city centre and Kings Buildings campuses.


We have upgraded the uphill advisory lane to a segregated cycle lane, providing a safer route connection to the University of Edinburgh’s Kings Buildings via Buccleuch Street.

Comiston Road

We have introduced a one-way segregated cycleway on both sides of Comiston Road from Fairmilehead crossroads to Greenbank Crossroads. This includes:

  • improvements to junctions along the road to make them safer for cyclists
  • waiting and loading restrictions on parts of the street
  • removing the guardrail so people can distance more easily.

Duddingston Road

We have introduced temporary segregated cycle lanes on Duddingston Road, one of the main routes into the city from the east. To do this we have

  • re-designated parts of the road to help pedestrians and people using wheelchairs, prams or bicycles to physically distance
  • given priority of making a safe cycle route for safe travels to and from schools in the area

This new route will also improve access to Figgate Burn path, Treverlen Park and St John’s Primary School as well as improved connections to and from Portobello.

Ferry Road

We’ve installed new cycleways along the extent of the street with a mixture of one-way segregated cycleway and advisory cycle lanes. We’ve also made improvements to junctions along the road to make them safer for cyclists.

Fountainbridge and Dundee Street

This scheme is part of a broader Spaces for People project that will provide a safe cycling route along the Lanark Road, Slateford Road and Dundee Street corridor. This section of the route will see

  • new cycle ways along the extent of the streets with a mixture of one-way segregated cycleways on Dundee Street/Fountainbridge
  • advisory cycle lanes on sections of Fountainbridge.

Gilmerton Road

This scheme links in other temporary Spaces for People measures at both ends of Gilmerton Road. This will make journeys safer as it connects a number of communities and schools in the area. To deliver ths we have introduced

  • new temporary segregated cycle lane on both sides of the street
  • additional space to help pedestrians and people using wheelchairs, prams or bicycles to physically distance.

Lanark Road, Longstone Road and Inglis Green Road

This route provides a safe, protected cycle way as an alternative to the Union canal towpath and Water of Leith shared use path. 

We have introduced a number of Covid-19 safety measures along the route, such as

  • segregated cycle ways on both sides of the road
  • a new bus lane on the approach to Gillespie Road
  • a reduction in the speed limit on each of the roads

Read more about our plans for Lanark Road, Longstone Road, Inglis Green Road

Meadows to Greenbank quiet route

We have introduced Edinburgh’s first quiet route between Greenbank and the Meadows. This will significantly improve safety for children walking, cycling and wheeling to school in the area, as well as the many other people who use the route and supports our aim of creating more space for everyone to travel safely, during the COVID pandemic.

Read more about our plans for the Meadows to Greenbank quiet route.

Pennywell Road, Muirhouse Parkway and Silverknowes Parkway

This new route creates safer links between a number of communities across north Edinburgh. It also links with the North Edinburgh Path network giving east access to the coast for exercise and mindfulness. To achieve this we have

  • reduced the dual carriageways on both sides of the road to a single lane
  • introduced segregated cycleways.

The route will help our young people to travel to and from school safely and provide safe access to local shopping areas in Muirhouse and West Pilton.

Teviot Place and Potterow

New segregated cycleways and lanes to created safe connection along this corridor to the University and local destinations.

Minto Street, Mayfield Gardens and Craigmillar Park

We've introduced new temporary segregated cycle ways on both sides of the road. This also makes walking along the road more attractive, with the traffic lanes moved further away from the pavements. This route links with temporary Spaces for People measures at Gilmerton Road and Causewayside. It also improves the connection with the existing cycle ways on Old Dalkeith Road, providing a safe route to and from the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. To create enough space to keep everyone safe, we've removed sections of the current bus lanes in both directions. Parking and loading is permitted on designated sections of the bus lane, outside of peak times. Peak times are Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 9:30am and 4:00pm to 6:30pm. Access into and out of driveways will be maintained along the route.

City centre

We have also introduced segregated cycle lanes in the city centre. Read more about measures we have put in place on Bank Street, the Mound and Forrest Road.

View the plans

View and download pdf plans for Spaces for People measures in place across the city