Clearing snow and ice from pavements

There is no law stopping you from clearing snow and ice from pavements. Advice on clearing paths and driveways in severe weather situations is provided by the Scottish Government.

Hints and tips for the best and safest way to clear snow and ice

  • Wear warm clothes and footwear with good grip. Don't take risks on the road and wear visible clothing so you can be seen.
  • Try to clear snow and ice early. It's easier to clear loose snow and the sun will help melt ice.
  • Clear a small path down the middle of the pavement for a safe surface to walk on then shovel from the centre to the kerbside. Don't block paths, driveways or drains.
  • Use salt or sand, not water, as it will freeze. Ordinary table salt can be used, and you can also buy bags of rock salt from DIY shops. Use more salt on steps and steep pathways. Sand gives a good grip, but won't stop the path from icing over. Salting areas before snow falls makes snow clearance easier.

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