Radioactivity monitoring

Radiation testing and advice

We provide a radioactivity monitoring service, including sampling, on-site and laboratory monitoring to detect and measure radionuclides such as

  • cobalt 60
  • iodine 131
  • caesium 137
  • caesium 134.

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We can carry out tests to measure radioactivity levels in

  • vegetation
  • soil
  • sludges
  • sediments
  • seaweed
  • waste effluents
  • other environmental materials.


We can measure radioactivity in drinking water, natural mineral water and spring water.


We can monitor the levels of radioactivity inside buildings to ensure exposure of occupants is within safe limits.


We measure radioactivity levels in cereals, meat, milk and dairy products, fish and shellfish, drinks and other foods to ensure that they are safe to eat.

We also provide a radioactivity certification service to food exporters.

Health and safety

We can provide a health and safety service to monitor radiation leakage from instruments containing closed radioactive sources.

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