School crossing patrols

School crossing patrols (SCP) use part-time staff to help children cross the road safely before and after school.

We try to ensure each site is staffed through the school term, but cannot guarantee this. We are not required by law to provide crossing patrols, but we value their role.

Contact your school’s head teacher to request a new crossing site.

Service review

On 15 March 2016 the Transport and Environment Committee approved a review of the school crossing patrol service. Following this, we carried out a technical survey of all 243 SCP sites between late 2016 and mid-2017.

We consulted with stakeholders from February to May 2018.

The stakeholder groups were

  • school crossing patrol guides
  • parents and carers
  • Junior Road Safety Officers
  • teachers
  • parent councils
  • community councils and neighbourhood partnerships
  • councillors. 

We welcomed comments on

  • existing SCP sites
  • new sites
  • all aspects of the service
  • potential improvements.

We received 1,140 responses, raising a number of issues and broadening the scope of the review. Examples of points raised are

  • a desire for greater absence cover
  • a review the guides’ working hours
  • a campaign on the role of the guides
  • the high value users hold the service in.

Download the Junior Road Safety Officers’ response to consultation - PDF
Download school crossing patrol guides response to consultation - PDF
Download other stakeholder response to consultation - PDF