Support for key workers

Key worker learning and childcare – until 29 June

We are providing P1 to S2 learning and childcare for key workers across the city from Tuesday 21 April.

This will be in eight school hubs:

  • Craigroyston Community High School
  • Drummond Community High School
  • Firrhill High School
  • Holy Rood High School
  • James Gillespie’s High School
  • Juniper Green Primary School
  • Queensferry Primary School.
  • St Augustine’s High School

Check if you're a key worker

The hubs will be run by Communities and Families staff who are experienced in:

  • education
  • active schools and sports
  • community learning and childcare.

The leadership of each hub will be experienced education managers. All staff working in the hubs have PVG clearance.

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If you are a key worker and require learning and childcare support from Tuesday 21 April please complete one of the eight surveys below for your preferred location - only choose one school.

If your child attends one of our special schools and you would like learning and childcare support please e-mail your child’s head teacher.

If you need to rely on public transport please consider the reduced bus service currently available.

Register for learning and childcare

The school hubs are provided from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. This includes a free lunch of soup and sandwiches.

Please complete one survey per child. If your childcare requirements change after you have completed this form, please fill it in again and we will use your most recent submission.

If you do not require learning and childcare please do not fill in this survey.

Please contact the Early Years team via email if you are a key worker and still require childcare for a child under five-years-old.

We will email all parents and carers to confirm details for learning and childcare support from 21 April. If you have any specific queries then please contact your own school’s admin mailbox.

Key workers - early years support

We are funding emergency childcare for key workers through 16 childminders and 26 early years hubs across the city. Please email the Early Years team if you are a key worker and need emergency childcare.

1140 hours

Get our latest update on the Scottish Government’s decision to postpone the statutory entitlement of every child to receive 1140 hours of funded early learning and childcare from August 2020.