School arrangements

24 September update

Read music provision in schools update 

02 September update

Read NHS Lothian FAQs on COVID-19 for schools. This includes details on:

  • symptoms
  • close contacts
  • physical distancing
  • positive cases.

31 August update

Updated FAQs on the wearing of face coverings in schools.

11 August update

Our schools and early years settings are open from 12 August with pupils returning on a phased basis.

Read our delivery plan which includes information about physical distancing, cleaning and adapting to new arrangements. 

5 August update

Letter from Alistair Gaw, Executive Director of Communities and Families, about the phased return of pupils to school next week.

The Consultative Committee with parents on Monday 3 August 2020 discussed the phased reopening of schools. Download the minutes from the meeting.

Updated FAQS on Getting to school and physical distancing

24 July update

Read updated FAQS on returning to school including

  • cleaning
  • physical distancing
  • school transport
  • youth work
  • after school and breakfast clubs
  • children with additional support needs.

14 July update

You can read the questions and answers about schools reopening from the recent Consultative Committee with Parents (CCWP).

10 July update

All pupils will be returning to school on Wednesday 12 August in line with the current Scottish Government advice.

Below are a series of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding the 100% return of pupils next month.

If the Scottish Government guidance changes before 12 August then you can read about our contingency arrangements at the bottom of this page.

We will continue to keep parents and parents updated over the summer with any developments.

Arrangements for reopening of schools including

  • when schools will reopen
  • attendance model
  • contingency plans
  • arrangements for school meals

Cleaning, protective measures and infection control including

  • cleaning to support 100% attendance
  • use of face masks
  • hand washing
  • Coronavirus testing, self-isolating and shielding

The curriculum including

  • health and wellbeing
  • digital devices
  • outdoor learning
  • SQA exams

Getting to school and physical distancing including

  • staggered start/collection times
  • safer routes to schools
  • parents and carers – play grounds and in school buildings

Childcare and support for children, young people and families including

  • support for children with additional needs
  • children with Child Plans
  • refunds for school trips and lunches/meals
  • starting P1

Support for staff including

  • extra funding
  • other professionals such as speech therapists/councillors using schools
  • training to support mental health
  • managing teacher shortages

3 July update

Update for parents at Liberton Primary School – letter from Chief Education Officer Andy Gray

24 June update

Letter from Andy Gray, Chief Education Officer, to parents and carers following the Scottish Government announcement on schools returning in August.

23 June update

The Education Secretary announced that the Scottish Government are planning for all schools in Scotland to reopen fully in August 2020 if the virus continues to be suppressed.

We will continue to keep parents and carers updated over the summer with any further developments.

Contingency arrangements

All pupils will return to school full-time on Wednesday 12 August 2020, a week earlier than planned and will finish on 25 June 2021.

We will continue to work over the Summer to prepare for the full-return and are following national guidance on any physical distancing measures and hygiene regimes to keep our children and staff safe.

We understand that we need to be flexible and should there be any reason to return to lockdown restrictions, we have a contingency plan. This plan details the blended model of in-home and in-school learning we can provide if we need reduce numbers of pupils in classrooms. You can view our contingency plan here

We will provide regular updates to parents and carers over the summer holidays before pupils return in August. Below are the Frequently Asked Questions on the contingency plan which we will keep updating as appropriate.

We will let you know arrangements for early years as soon as we can.


The Scottish Government proposes childcare facilities will reopen during phase 3 of the national recovery plan which should be in place before schools return. Our partner organisations are making their own plans to reopen when it is safe. We are working to make sure wraparound care services, such as breakfast and after school clubs, are open as soon as possible and we will work creatively with partners to do all we can to help.

Find out more about contingency arrangements

Childcare and support for children, young people and families including

  • support for children with additional needs
  • wraparound care
  • support for young people with Child Plans
  • starting nursery, P1 or P7

Cleaning, protective measures and infection control including

  • pupils’ safety
  • cleaning schools
  • testing for staff, pupils and transport people
  • when to isolate

Curriculum and blended learning including

  • blended learning
  • support for home learning
  • outdoor learning
  • PE classes
  • forward work plans

Getting to school and physical distancing including

  • desk spacing
  • children with additional support needs
  • safer routes to schools

Arrangement for re-opening schools including

  • when will schools reopen?
  • using other buildings
  • school meals
  • arrangements for special schools
  • teaching time in schools

Support for staff including

  • support for learning
  • additional cleaning
  • extra funding
  • Parent Councils
  • Other professionals such as speech therapists or councillors using schools

Letters to parents and carers

Download letters sent to parents and carers (PDF)