Moving from P7 to S1

Moving on up

Pupils moving to S1 in August this year would normally have spent three days visiting their new high school in June. Due to current restrictions, we changed how we did this.

This year we ran three days of activities from Tuesday 16 to Thursday 18 June; the days our P7 pupils would have spent at high school. This was to help pupils say goodbye to their primary school and to welcome them to high school. Primary schools sent all P7 pupils a pack with details of the activities.

At primary school our P7s learnt about building resilience, through the character Skipper, and the tools we need for coping with the ups and downs of life. They have left Skipper behind, but they will be taking these tools with them as they go off to secondary school.

If you didn’t have time to finish all of these activities, you can still do these before you start school in August. You can still share what you did at #movingonupedin