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Moving from primary to secondary school

Children in P7 are allocated a place at a secondary school. This place is based on their catchment area if your child is

  • at a City of Edinburgh Council primary school
  • living in the City of Edinburgh Council area.

In early November 2021 we sent letters to all parents at of children in P7 to confirm the allocated high school, based on the address held on the school record.

The school we allocated depended on the primary school your child attends:

  • we allocated your catchment non-denominational high school if your child attends a non-denominational primary school
  • we allocated your catchment Roman Catholic (RC) high school if your child attends an RC primary school.

Places at RC schools are not guaranteed, and we give priority to children who are baptised in the Roman Catholic faith. Where we cannot offer a place, children are given a place in their non-denominational catchment school.

Section five of the Placing in Schools guide tells you more about how we allocate places in RC schools.

If you live outside the catchment area of your preferred school you need to make a placing request. You will only receive a place if one is available.

Section three of the Placing in Schools guide tells you more about the procedure for S1 places.

Download the Placing in Schools guide - PDF

Download the school placements privacy notice - PDF

Decisions on school places

Decisions on non-catchment placing requests and requests for Roman Catholic schools were made on 11 March 2022.

Read about the decisions.

Moving to a new address

If you are moving to a new address before 31 July 2022 you need to tell us.

Complete the Change of Address form as soon as you know your new address. You can fill in the form in advance of your move, provided you are moving before the school year starts in August 2022.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a place at one of your catchment schools and we we may offer you the nearest school which has a place available.

Section nine of the Placing in Schools guide tells you more about moving address.

Download the Placing in Schools guide - PDF

Tell us your new address

Request a different school

You can

  • apply to change your allocated catchment school (e.g. from your non-denominational to your Roman Catholic catchment school)
  • make one placing request for a school in a different catchment area.

If you request to change your catchment school AND make a placing request, the placing request will be treated as your first preference.

Section three of the Placing in Schools guide tells you more about how to change your catchment school.

Section four of the Placing in Schools guide tells you more about the procedures for placing requests.

Download the Placing in Schools guide - PDF

Make a placing request

Further reading

Read Choosing a School: A Guide for Parents on the Scottish Government website.

Download the School places FAQ for parents - PDF

Download our admissions policy - PDF

Download our admissions procedure - PDF

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