City Plan 2030 and City Mobility Plan

City Mobility Plan in 200 words

How we move in and around our city

The way people and goods move in and around cities is being revolutionised.

While we have an excellent bus system, an efficient tram line and great cycling and walking routes - which we’re expanding and connecting - our city continues to grow. With Edinburgh consistently ranking amongst the most congested cities in the UK, this stops us meeting our ambitious carbon neutral target. We need bold changes to the way we, and the goods we rely on, move in and around our city.

Our City Mobility Plan proposes using technology to revolutionise the way we travel and personalise our journeys. We need to plan for more car sharing, car clubs, bike hire and other ways of getting about so that people of all abilities don’t need a car to get around the city. Public transport will be integrated with our excellent cycling and walking routes.

By doing this, we’ll have cleaner, better connected and more affordable ways for people and the things we buy to move around our city. We’ll create people-friendly streets, improve the lives of people who live here, and improve our health and wellbeing.

We’re building on strong foundations but more of the same will not help us achieve a carbon neutral city.

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