Future of Spaces for People measures

Let us know your views

We’re considering whether to keep in place some of the temporary ‘Spaces for People’ measures that are helping people to physically distance and travel safely during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because many of the temporary measures are likely to help us achieve the Council’s long-term objectives to improve how we travel, making it easier for people to get about and to help us meet our net carbon-free targets. These plans include:

  • encouraging people to switch to more sustainable ways to travel
  • making it more pleasant, easier and safer for people to explore their local area
  • supporting high street and city centre businesses by providing more space for people
  • improving road safety
  • improving health
  • reducing carbon dioxide emissions, to help the city achieve its net zero carbon by 2030.

Trialling schemes for a longer period – or making them permanent - will allow us to change the way people and communities interact and connect across our city.

Once we have decided whether to keep any measures on a trial or permanent basis, we will of course follow the normal legal processes for Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders (ETRO) or Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO). This will include an opportunity for residents, businesses and stakeholders to comment and formally object.

Tell us what you think

Whether an existing temporary scheme is on your street, your family's street(s), your local high street or somewhere you visit or pass through on your journeys, we would like to know what you think.

After hearing people’s views and assessing the temporary measures that are in place, we’ll make recommendations to councillors on whether to keep them either on a trial basis for a longer period or perhaps more permanently.