Spaces for people - interactive map of measures

Joining up with existing paths and cycle routes

You can use our interactive map to see the temporary measures across the city. Many of the measures make it easier and safer for you to get about the city and surrounds. The map shows how they join up with our existing network of paths and cycle routes so that you can plan walking, wheeling or cycling routes around the city.

Our temporary measures:

  • give extra space in our local shopping areas so you can physically distance or queue
  • include city centre streets where people have priority
  • routes to travel more safely including 'pop up' cycle lanes
  • spaces for exercise where people have priority over cars.

How to use the map

  • Open the 'legend' using the double arrows at top left of the map
  • Decide which theme or type of measure you'd like to view for example spaces in shopping streets
  • Select the arrow to the right of title of the theme/type to show the colour key for all the temporary measures within that theme. As we have many different measures, each tab has a slightly different key so please check them all out.


Some schemes have been approved while others are still being developed. For this reason there are two tabs for each type of measure. One tab shows you schemes that are approved as well as those that are already installed. The other tab shows temporary measures we are planning and these will go to a Council committee or board for approval to install them.