About the proposed zone

Why Edinburgh needs an LEZ

We want people in Edinburgh to enjoy

  • cleaner air
  • better health
  • a more pleasant and attractive city.

Air pollution is harmful to health, especially for

  • children
  • older people
  • people with existing heart and lung conditions including asthma.

Edinburgh has made good progress in reducing levels of air pollution. There are still areas where certain pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide (NO2), are higher than the legal standard. As road traffic is the main source of pollution, we need to take action. We can reduce air pollution more by creating a low emission zone (LEZ). This will help reduce pollution across the whole city, not only within the zone.

We have been working with the Scottish Government and the three other major cities in Scotland to

  • put LEZs in place
  • encourage people to use public transport which is more sustainable.

We are now looking for people's views on our proposed LEZ for Edinburgh.