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Details of those orders that have recently completed the legal process. Having been “made”, these orders are about to proceed to implementation on street.

Please note that work to implement the order below on street may take place after the effective date shown.

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TRO/19/39 South-West Area To amend, remove and introduce DYL and DPPP 3 May 2021 26 March 2021 TRO/19/39
TRO/19/65 St Andrew Square To introduce area to map based order 15 February 2021 26 March 2021 TRO/19/65
TRO/17/91 CCWEL Roseburn to Haymarket Part of route to City Centre improvements for Cyclists Pedestrians and Road Users 31 May 2022 11 April 2021 TRO/17/91
RSO/18/05 CCWEL Roseburn to Haymarket Re-align kerbs as part of route improvement 31 May 2022 11 April 2021 RSO/18/05
TRO/19/82 Maxwell Street Bringing Area into CPZ 10 May 2021 2 April 2021 TRO/19/82
TRO/20/11 Various locations Car Club bays 17 May 2021 2 April 2021 TRO/20/11